Join Austin Running Academy coach & professional runner David Fuentes for The Austin Running Academy Summer Camp! The Austin Running Academy Camp is a selective program for high school runners designed to offer prep athletes the same level of sports science, sports nutrition and guidance traditionally reserved for only world class professional athletes.

The Austin Running Academy will bring professional coaching and sports science expertise to Central Texas high school runners seeking to enhance their fitness and preparation for the following cross country and track seasons.

Through the employment of Durata Training Collective (DCT), athletes of all levels can now benefit from the same high-performance coaching that has become synonymous with Durata Training.

Athletes will gain a much stronger understanding of training fundamentals, principles, and methodologies, as well as pacing strategies, race tactics, and mental skills that will serve them all season.

The Running Academy athletes will benefit from the same knowledge, expertise, and experience that has guided Durata‘s professional and elite athletes to their peak performance.

Academy Summer Camp